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You already know that I usually like to comment on original business ideas in all sectors. But this time I will review 12 more traditional businesses, but they can be very profitable. For each of them, you will find an example of a business plan in my professional blog. Most of the economic fabric is made up of classic companies, so it’s worth talking about them from time to time.

The bread market has changed a lot in the last decades. First appeared the competition of large surfaces, which sell bread far cheaper than traditional ovens. Then came the “war of bread” with a battle to sell low-cost bars during the crisis. Finally, chains that sell industrial bread but with a traditional style have emerged in recent years. But bread is still a product much loved by consumers, and setting up a quality bakery can be a very profitable business. It is enough to see the queues in the establishments with the best reputation.

2nd-Dental clinic
Public health does not cover oral aspects, although it is a very important part of health. Therefore, any dental clinic is necessarily private. Riding this type of business represents a very significant investment, and there is a lot of competition (especially the chains owned by private insurers). However, a clinic with professionals very focused on quality and patient service can retain their clients and get good income.

3-Repair of mobiles
There are already more mobile lines than people in the world, although still, a significant percentage of the population does not have a telephone. The devices, which change every two or three years (or less), represent a huge market, with interesting peripheral sectors, such as the sale of second-hand phones or the case that interests us: the maintenance and repair of devices.

4th – Clothing Store
It is a super classic of commerce. But probably also one of the most difficult businesses to start up successfully, given the tremendous competition of the chains and the supermarkets. To succeed, a clothing store has to be differentiated. Maybe sell only one type of clothing, or opt for designer clothes, with some craft seamstresses that make clothes at the request of clients, or very original collections, that a client with greater purchasing power wants to buy. And there is always the possibility of starting a new chain. After all, Zara started with just one store.

It seems that there is an important trend in the consumption habits of people, and it is the belief that natural products are better for health. Hence, many people want to buy remedies and plant-based foods. The herbalist is the type of store that benefits the most from this evolution. Raising the opening of an herbalist (as this type of business is also known) can be a winning bet for people with a commercial profile and a good knowledge of the products.

The South African multinational De Beers, which until the 1990s controlled the world market for diamonds with an almost monopoly, came to coin the term ” a diamond is forever “, perhaps one of the most famous advertising phrases in history. The company used its monopoly to artificially keep the price of diamonds high. Nowadays, they no longer control the market so much, however, jewelry remains a product highly valued by consumers, especially for engagement rings. Riding a jewelry store has its difficulties, especially regarding the safety of the facilities, but it can be a very profitable business.

Who looks after the entrepreneurs to have their quarterly statements updated with the Treasury and Social Security? Who prepares the payroll so that they are always up-to-date of what the current legislation indicates? Who manages the entire process of registering your car? The agencies are very useful companies, which provide advice to millions of businesses, especially SMEs. Lately, the sector is being modernized, with the concept of online management, which works in a totally digital way and offers very competitive prices to its customers.

This is undoubtedly the most regulated business on that list. It has restrictions on where you can open the establishment, it works in large part selling medicines prescribed by social security doctors and partially subsidized by public health (which in the recent past has involved collection problems), and of course has to comply with rules strict to sell medicines (regulated prices, medical prescription, etc …). However, the sector is being modernized, with a wider pharmacy and a selling area for para pharmacy and cosmetics that is becoming more and more like any store.

There are flowers for any type of event: a birthday, a wedding, a birth, the retirement of a person, a romantic date, a business event, and also for funerals. It is a sector where online sales have taken quite a lot of strength, but even so, many people prefer to go personally to the florist to choose the bouquet or flowers that seem best for the gift they want to make. It requires talent in design, and it can be a very profitable business.

10-Pet store
The millions of pets that live in our homes represent a very remarkable market. Food and veterinary services are probably the two most important expenses, but pet owners also buy toys and other accessories for the comfort of their animals. Riding an animal store is an interesting challenge for a passionate person.

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