Best 80 Ideas To Be a Entrepreneur 2019

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Looking for self-organization or micro-enterprise creation idea for 2019? Do you want to create at home? Looking for a profitable idea that does not require any degree? This article is made for you.

The self-enterprise, renamed micro-enterprise in 2016, is a simple and secure legal regime, very suitable for launching a small individual activity. It is a scheme subject to turnover caps.

Creating a micro-enterprise is free and easy. The management of this type of structure comes down to the mandatory maintenance of a cookbook and monthly or quarterly turnover statements. There is no proper accounting.

Other obligations of the micro-enterprise include:

opening a separate bank account,
the obligation to keep the purchase invoices,
the obligation to include the mention Exempt VAT, art. 293-B of the CGI on invoices (only if the VAT thresholds are not exceeded).

Finally, remember that the auto-entrepreneur scheme is closed to agricultural and artistic activities.

Here are 80 self-organization ideas to get you on the road to your future!

80 auto-entrepreneur ideas for 2019.

1) Create a traveling thrift shop.

2) Create a t-shirt branding company.

3) To settle naturopath.

4) Create a car wash service at home.

5) Create a vehicle customization company.

6) Create a self-organization scooter refurbishment.

7) Create an old car restoration company.

8) Set up self-entrepreneur disc jockey or create a mobile disco.

9) Set up, independent trainer.

10) Install a guitar teacher.

11) Create a pet food business.

12) Create an animal graveyard.

13) Become a pet coach.

14) Create a dog walk service.

15) Create an installation service for Christmas decorations and parties.

16) Create an ephemeral shop.

17) Create a roasting rotisserie.

18) Create a window cleaning service.

19) Create an alarm installation service.

20) Become a feng-shui advisor.

20 home auto entrepreneur ideas.
Here are some ideas if you want to work from home.

21) Create and operate guesthouses.

22) Create an ironing service at home.

23) Create a website or a blog and live on it.

24) Create a Youtube channel and monetize it.

25) Create an e-boutique of organic wines.

26) To become an independent graphic designer.

27) Install self-employed home web copywriter.

28) Create a community management company.

29) Become a freelancer.

30) Create a remote clairvoyance activity.

31) Create an activity of manufacturing prepared meals.

32) Settle as a public self-entrepreneur writer.

33) Create self-organized private tutoring for college students.

34) Offer pet care at home.

35) Offer telephone counseling services.

36) Set up as a developer, programmer or designer.

37) Create a remote insurance broker firm.

38) Become a yoga teacher on your own.

39) Create a self-organized language course.

40) Set up as a specialized agency for a type of vehicle.

20 ideas of self-entrepreneur without a diploma.
Some activities require a degree to be able to be exercised. This is the case for craft activities related to construction or some regulated liberal activities. Here are some ideas that do not require any degree.

41) Establish an independent commercial agent, for example in real estate.

42) Create a self- coaching sports coaching.

43) Set up, shopkeeper.

44) Create an independent hostess service for events.

45) Create a furniture repository.

46) To settle independent photographer.

47) Create a shoe shop.

48) Install independent self-employed courier.

49) Open a manga and comics shop.

50) Start his pizza truck.

51) To become a seller on the markets.

52) Create a hardware rental business.

53) Open a beer bar.

54) Set up auto-contractor VTC.

55) Open an escape-game.

56) Create an event agency.

57) Open a coffee shop.

58) Create a security company.

59) Create an Airbnb rental management company.

60) Open a cheese bar.

20 self-business ideas for women.

61) Create a service to create printed photo albums.

62) Establish an assistance company for dependent elderly people.

63) Specialize in buying and selling vintage clothing.

64) Manufacture and market scarves and scarves.

65) Create a self-manufacturing business and sell macaroons or cakes.

66) Create a tea room.

67) Set up remote cartomancer.

68) Becoming a beautician at home.

69) Get settled wedding-planner.

70) To become a marriage or family counselor.

71) To become a telephone secretary.

72) Create a self-design interior design business.

73) Create a home child care service.

74) Create a self-initiated computer literacy company.

75) Create a slimming center.

76) Create an energy care cabinet.

77) To settle art-therapist or music therapist.

78) Create a company to manufacture and sell costume jewelry.

79) Set up an independent home seller.

80) To settle home hairdresser.

The next step: the market study.
Did you find your idea of a self-entrepreneur? Proceed without delay to the stage of market research.

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