Best Business Idea In Italy For 2019

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Best Business Idea In Italy In 2019

Are you looking for an idea to become an entrepreneur? Here are 50 original ideas. Some services can be copied and adapted to the various local realities, others maybe not imitable (because covered by a patent), can inspire your creativity and lead you to develop innovative projects

1. Taxi for animals

Two tools of the trade: a car and love for animals. So Gianluca Baldon invented the taxi for animals in Milan. It’s called Autobau, the service is offered at 45 euros per hour and from 100 euros at night, 24 hours a day, even on holidays and valid for dogs, cats, snakes, iguana, parrots. «I started four years ago, after having worked with a trade association: a useful experience because sometimes cookies and patience are not enough to convince our four-legged friends to get in the car. My car is equipped with a partition in addition to muzzles, a stretcher, laces … I am not a taxi and therefore I do not need a license, but I had to request an authorization for animal transport, “explains Baldon.

2. Customize everything you can

Customizing an object with a decoration or a photo is an idea that works on everything. Also on the PC: the story of Alfredo Manzo from Salerno is proof of this. Four years ago he gave a further boost to his computer and notebook production company, focusing on creativity. There are five lines to choose from, from the “fashion” one that embellishes laptops with Swarovski crystals to the “brand” that allows you to apply company logos. «The return of the initiative? About 25% more in sales, due to those who wanted a different computer than the usual gray, “comments Manzo. Which, on its e-commerce portal, receives orders from Arabs, Russians and Chinese: about € 1,750 for a sparkling netbook of colorful Swarovski artfully arranged.

3. Tip on the two wheels

In Italy, there are dozens of companies that produce quality bicycles. The idea is to turn a two-wheeler into a means of doing business with a new design or specific accessories. It was understood by Jared Madsen, an American from the State of Utah, who in 2008 noticed how the two wheels for many are a substitute for the car. “I realized that people were carrying everything from shopping to children, trying to stay balanced. So I thought of a way to make the efforts of those without gasoline easier, “recalls Madsen. The result is a very long bicycle in the back, on which a container that supports up to 271 kg can be positioned. Price: 840 euros (992 with the container). “I sell around 400 bikes a year. Most orders, due to shipping costs, come from the USA,

4. Niche blog

There are over 100 million blogs in the Internet world and for almost everyone, moving from passion to business is very difficult. But the solution is there: just find an unexplored niche. Francesco Mugnai has invented a blog dedicated to business cards. «I am a graphic designer by profession and in 2008 I started a web address to advertise my works. Great my surprise when a post on business cards has totalized over 100 thousand clicks in three days and put the server ko. Immediately I did research and noticed that there were no sites on the subject, so I thought to open one. Today I count on 650 thousand visits a month and five fixed sponsors. In the face of two or three hours of work a week I can round up »says Mugnai.

5. Open an Insalata

After gnocchi is the moment for salads. One of the newest and most successful businesses, because it focuses on autism, concerns. In Milan a green room was opened, where a different salad is offered every day (9 euros) and customers can also compose their own dish, combining the ingredients (13 euros). The products are all natural and zero km.

6. Maternity coach

The idea: to simplify the life of new mothers and provide them with all-around help. Francesca Dal from Lombardy, has just started a consultancy service for new mothers. “I had two children and I soon realized that when a woman is waiting for a child she is curious about everything and often lives fears and hesitations. So I set up my business. I offer 360 degrees advice. Some people look for advice on what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy, those who are down and want to regain brilliance, those who feel embarrassed in the first feedings. And again: those looking for suggestions on how to furnish the room of the newcomer or on the layette, assistance from professionals such as gynecologists, pediatricians, midwives .

7. Digital library

Attention to the environment with the saving of paper and printing and books and newspapers available 24 hours a day: the digital library arrives. It’s called Bibliodigital and works like a traditional consultation room, with the difference of reading on electronic files instead of paper and the possibility of doing research online. Free until the end of the year, the service will be paid from January

8. Home mechanic

Difficult to make a hole in the water with a home delivery service. The home mechanic also comes among the newest proposals. Repair your car wherever you are, at home, on the highway, at work. In Colorado, the Green Garage chain is very successful. In Milan, however, there are already those who started with the repair of bikes at home.

9. Sexy gardener

The cutting of the lawn in the garden is traditionally a service offered by students short of small change. To avoid a war on the downside, Tiger Time Lawn Care of Memphis, in the US state of Tennessee, invented the Bikini Cut. In practice, beautiful girls cut the grass at home wearing only a trendy bikini and charge 50-65 euros for medium-sized beds. Attention: for those who think to compete by proposing muscular Bellucci, it should be noted that the creator of the initiative, Lee Cathey, claims to have never received requests of this type.

10. Bar with sewing machines for hire

The idea of rapid sartorial repairs is not new. The novelty is to create a bar where everyone can make them himself. In France, there is already. It is called “café couture”, it was conceived by Sissi Holleis and MMartinaDuss. Here, in addition to enjoying an organic muffin while sipping a coffee or a fruit juice without preservatives, you can rent a sewing machine to redo a hem or repair a seam. The Sweat Shop, opened last March not far from the Parisian museum of the Louvre, has already made fashion with its sofas where to sit for knitting and the tables with 10 Singer machines, including some professional. Rental rates: 6 euros per hour. Also proposed sewing courses (20 euros for two hours, 90 euros for 7 hours) and needle and wire atelier for children between 7 and 12 years (35 euros for two hours, materials included).

11. Produce an innovative object

Betting on a product that is still out of production is a chance to set up on your own. Here is an idea to make it. The Chinese designer Fandi Meng has designed Ring, an alarm designed for couples who get up at different times. In practice, it is a base on which to indicate the time and two rings to wear. Instead of interrupting sleep with a noise, Ring transmits vibrations to the rings, designed to be adjustable on the fingertip and therefore on the part of the hand more sensitive to stress. «At the moment, its technology is ready but the alarm clock is chasing a producer: its cost for the final customer should be less than 15 euros. My dream? See Ring distributed worldwide, “Meng confides in Millionaire.

12. Green online magazine

The organic market in Italy is worth 1.87 billion euros: a trend destined to grow. Why not think of a business in the heme? There are so many ideas. Mario Notaro, Roman, opened the online journal GreenMe in 2009. His articles speak of the “green” world in the round. «Objective: to create an innovative product in content and language. We have associated environment and consumption not being afraid to mention brands. The initial investment? All our savings, about 30 thousand euros. But last June, thanks to advertising revenue, we reached break even »explains Notaro.

13. Made the law, found the idea

Made the law, discovered a new business. In Miami, Flyinpasties went into business following the adoption in June of the body scanner at airports. Such as? With the proposal of three stickers (two for the breasts and one for the genitals), in rubber, to wear under the clothes to not be visible in the private parts. The idea was more the decoration with writings (“Only my husband can see me naked” or “Private”). The set is offered at 15.12 euros including shipping.

14. Less hangover more business

Find a new product and you will find a market. In France, the Outbox drink would help to dispose of 50% of the alcohol in the blood within 30 minutes. Scholarly skeptics, who boil the effects of soft drinks based on fructose and ascorbic acid as not demonstrable. Instead, the Belgian Marc Smaele and the French Maurice Penaruiz, inventor and director of Outbox, sell the product on the Internet for 3.99 euros: in their business plan, the company should total 1.7 million cans sold within the next year.

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